Tapped In provides a full and comprehensive range of services that begins with sampling and ends with solutions that provides you with safe, good quality water. We offer a full consultative service which looks at your water quality and addresses any issues with your water. Our aim is to help you understand any issues related to your water and provide the most cost effective method of dealing with the problem at hand.

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Waste Water Collection and Analysis

Tapped In Consulting assists industrial facilities such as food plant, manufacturing plants, car washes, etc., with the monitoring of effluent discharges to the city sewers. We can assist with composite and grab sample collection and analysis to ensure compliance with storm sewer by-law in the City of Toronto and the Region of Peel.

Parameters for analysis may include:

– Aluminum

– Arsenic

– Benzene

– Biochemical oxygen demand

– Cadmium

– Chlorine

– Chromium (total)

– Chromium (hexavalent)

– Copper

– Cyanide

– Ethyl Benzene

– Lead

– Manganese

– Mercury

– Nickel

– Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

– Phenolic Compounds

– Phosphorus

– Selenium

– Silver

– Suspended Solids

– Toluene

– Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

– Xylenes

– Zinc

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