Tapped In provides a full and comprehensive range of services that begins with sampling and ends with solutions that provides you with safe, good quality water. We offer a full consultative service which looks at your water quality and addresses any issues with your water. Our aim is to help you understand any issues related to your water and provide the most cost effective method of dealing with the problem at hand.

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Designated Facilities – O. Reg 170/03

If you operate a children’s camp, a child and youth care facility such as a daycare, a health care facility including hospitals, nursing homes or senior’s residences, social care facilities receiving funding from the Ontario government, hostels and other delivery agent care facilities, schools and private schools, universities, colleges and private residence with 5 or more homes taking drinking water from a well or cistern, then your system is subject to O. Reg 170/03.

We can assist you with any of the following services:

– Full operation of your drinking water system

– Registration of your drinking water system

– Completion of your laboratory Service notification form

– Microbiological and chemical sampling and testing of your water supply with our partner accredited laboratory Maxxam Analytics

– Schedule 15.1 Lead testing

– Maintenance of your water treatment equipment

– Completion of operational checks

– Annual report preparation

– Reporting of adverse test results and other problems related to improper disinfection

– Completion of your Engineering Evaluation report (EER)

– Installation or Update of existing water treatment equipment such as softeners, Ultraviolet system, chlorine pumps, etc..

Tapped In ensures that its entire staff is kept abreast of changing regulations and is continually educating its staff to provide the best services as Drinking Water System Operators and Water Quality Analysts.

Contact us today at 416-480-6226 or 1-866-360-7390 to find out how we can assist you in the operation of your drinking water system.