Tapped In provides a full and comprehensive range of services that begins with sampling and ends with solutions that provides you with safe, good quality water. We offer a full consultative service which looks at your water quality and addresses any issues with your water. Our aim is to help you understand any issues related to your water and provide the most cost effective method of dealing with the problem at hand.

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Environmental & Recreational Sampling

Tapped In offers on-site sampling for a full range of tests geared to measure water quality in a variety of situations. Our accredited laboratory has designed testing packages for drinking water quality, groundwater monitoring, industrial wastewater characterization and surface water quality. Tests include inorganic parameters such as heavy metals, major ions and trace metals. Numerous tests are used for water quality including Microbiological tests such as E.coli and Total Coliform that are critical in determining drinking water quality and bathing (beach) water quality.

We are known to service construction companies with broken water mains, movie companies shooting near or in rivers or lakes, engineering firms or plumbers needing to verify water quality where new installations or repairs are involved.

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